Learn English & accomplish your dreams.

Internexus is a world-leading English education network.

We are focused on providing immersive English courses for our students all around the world.

And now with our brand new school you can receive Internexus’ premiere English education while fulfilling your dreams in the magical city of Orlando.

Internexus Orlando is ready for you to come and join us, so you can receive an amazing English education experience in one of the most exciting cities in the world. Apply Now!

Mission Statement

Internexus Orlando is an intensive English school committed to providing a complete English education. We provide students with experiences in academic settings while striving to give students experiences in the social settings that make an English education complete. Our goal is to ensure that our students flourish in not only the important realm of academics, but also to oversee achievement in professional and social skills. Our program is designed to focus on the core of English language as well as culture, customs, and the nuances of interacting in the 21st century.

Your Classroom Experience

Our highly qualified and dedicated ESL teachers will help you use your newly acquired English skills in real situations and in uniquely helpful ways. You will learn English faster and easier than ever before.

Did you know?

Current studies show speaking a second language can raise wages by as much as 51{086f29284512cdc6fac8ef8dc3074ed8bcc3883746fd9d3c366f3fc8f6c5fba5}. Over 1 billion people speak English fluently with the majority of top business transactions happening in English. For business or travel, English is consistently the most useful language to know.

Why study abroad?

Other English schools offer an average of 8 hours of class time per month. When you choose Internexus, you will have 18 hours of class a week, for a total of 54 hours of class in a single month! This means each month you study at Internexus Orlando is equal to 6 months of studying in your own country. Apply Now!