Orlando. Welcome to the Magic City.

Why Orlando?

With all the world-class theme parks, universities, businesses, and culture, Orlando is one of the most exciting places for you to learn English. And when you’re excited to learn, you learn more. Apply Now!

Why do you want to learn English?


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For Education: Orlando has many universities, along with the United States second largest university, the University of Central Florida. Your English education will prepare you to attend these top universities. Internexus will work with you and the universities to make sure you get the best educational opportunities to set you on the right path.


For Business: Orlando is frequently one of the top cities for businesses and for college graduates seeking good careers. Forbes just ranked Orlando in the top 3 cities for business growth in the USA. At Internexus Orlando, you get to learn at the school’s prime location right in the center of Orlando’s downtown business district. Come learn English in the middle of Orlando’s exciting, growing business market.


For Entertainment: Your English education comes alive in Orlando. The biggest names in entertainment, Disney, Universal, Warner Brothers, and more, all have live theme park attractions in Orlando. You’ll be learning to read and understand entertainment produced in English, like Disney’s Star Wars or Warner Bros. Entertainment’s Harry Potter, then you’ll get to go experience it in real life at Disney World and Universal Orlando. This is the place to come for a fully immersive and fun English experience and Internexus Orlando is ready now to give you this opportunity. Apply Now!