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How does it work?

From the moment you choose Internexus Orlando, you will receive our help to guide you through every step you take to come to the United States and start building your future. Apply Now!

We will make the process easier by providing the information and advice to acquire your passport, visa, and your country-specific counseling.

When you arrive at the airport in Orlando, you will meet the Internexus agent who will guide you and ensure a great welcome at your new home.

If you choose the Intercultural Vacation Program, you will have morning classes for 3 weeks and afternoons filled with exciting cultural events and attractions around Orlando. The last week of the program is full of all-day theme park adventures at Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld.


We offer a variety of programs, flexible schedules and a personal approach. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective learning experience possible.



Intercultural Program

*Consult an Internexus agent or send us a message to learn more about the other English learning programs and courses we provide all year long.



A Homestay is ideal for the students who want to experience the daily life of American families. You will live with a typical local family in Orlando. This opportunity is the best way to learn the culture and customs in the United States. Our host families are selected with great discretion to provide the most fulfilling and safe environment for our students.


If you prefer more freedom and privacy, we offer rooms for our students through our partnerships with hotels in Orlando. Our connections with these hotels will give you great prices to stay in rooms that receive regular housekeeping, have televisions, and are close to many options for food.

The bonuses included in your Internexus Intercultural Program experience

Health Insurance: the health insurance we offer to students gives students access to doctors and medical support in many hospitals in Orlando. Insurance is included in the programs final price.

Mobile SIM CARD: for your safety and comfort, you will receive a cellphone SIM card to use in the U.S. at no extra charge.

24-Hour SUPPORT: at anytime and wherever, you can call the appointed staff at Internexus and we will go to you. We want to make sure you are always safe and sound during your stay in Orlando.

BUS PASS: you don’t need to pay anything to get around the city, we will provide you with a transportation pass at no additional cost giving you the freedom to get around at your convenience.

Teaching and Learning Materials: we are always updating our curriculum to include top and modern English methods and materials. All your books, workbooks, and digital copies are included in the final price.

Certification: after you complete your course, you will receive a certificate from Internexus, along with any other documentation relevant to the courses you completed.

Student Handbook

This Student Handbook gives you information you need to know as a student at Internexus Orlando. The information in this book will answer many of your question. It is important that you understand something, our would like more information, please talk to the Student Services Coordinator, your teachers, or the administrative staff in the Internexus office. Remember that the staff at this Center wants to help you make your experience here the best it can be.

Download: Student Handbook Orlando 

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Before classes begin: The Housing Placement Fee for homestay (US$100.00) is non -refundable unless the visa is denied and the cancelled I-20 (for U.S. applicants) is returned to Internexus. The housing placement fee for the University of Orlando is NOT refundable. The Program Application Fee (US$100.00) is non-refundable. All other fees are refundable.

Accommodation: Students may change their host family at any time with two weeks notice. Students who wish to cancel accommodation in dormitories or student residences will be char ged the cancellation fees of the college or institution.

After classes begin: A minimum two-weeks’ notice is required. Students who leave General Language programs early will be refunded tuition paid— minus the tuition for the period actually studied and minus a penalty of 25{086f29284512cdc6fac8ef8dc3074ed8bcc3883746fd9d3c366f3fc8f6c5fba5} of the remaining payment.

• If a course is canceled or unavailable, or if the student’s application is not accepted, all money paid will be refunded.

• If a student returns home because of sickness, death in the immediate family, or completes the course early (enters the university or completes the last level of proficiency), the 25{086f29284512cdc6fac8ef8dc3074ed8bcc3883746fd9d3c366f3fc8f6c5fba5} penalty will not apply. Students must provide proper documentation to support the early departure.

• Students may leave the Center and return later with no penalty with the Center Directors prior approval.

For Intercultural, Language Plus, Exam and other specialty/package programs only: After half of the program has been completed, there will be no refunds and any unpaid balance is due immediately. Transfer between Internexus Centers: There will be no penalty for students who transfer to another Internexus Center at the end of a session. No new application fees are required except host institution housing fees.

Refunds will be sent to the student/guardian, normally within thirty (30) days of departure from the center. Mail and bank fees will be deducted if applicable. No refunds will be given before a student leaves the Internexus Center, except housing refunds when applicable.

Enrollement Agreement

• I certify that the information I supplied on my application form is correct.

• I have received and I understand all of the program costs and fees for my program of study at Internexus.

• I agree to pay all course fees by or on the first day of class. I am aware that I will have to pay a late payment fee of US$25.00 per week for outstanding payments.

• I understand that I will take a placement test after arriving at the Internexus Center. I will be placed in the best level for my ability based on those tests.

• For the U.S.: I understand that if I come on an I-20, I must attend Internexus for at least one session. To transfer legally to another school, I must have an I-20 or Letter of Acceptance from the new school.

• I understand that I must have medical insurance during my stay at Internexus. I must show proof of insurance or I must purchase a policy recommended by Internexus at the time of registration. • Medical Authorization: If you are under 21, your parent or guardian must sign this section.

“I authorize qualified medical diagnosis and treatment of injury for the student below and authorize release of medical information for treatment and insurance purposes. I understand that I am responsible for medical expenses outside the limits of any applicable medical insurance and that preexisting health conditions are not covered by health insurance.”

I understand and agree to all provisions as stated herein above.

___________________________________                        _______________ ___________________

Name of Student (or parent or guardian if the       Relationship               Telephone#

student is under 21 in US or 18 in UK)


___________________________________              _______________

Signature of Student/ Parent/ Guardian                  Date

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We offer a variety of programs, flexible schedules and a personal approach. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective learning experience possible. More

Intercultural Program

Intercultural Program

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