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Study English in Orlando in the United States

Why Choose Orlando to Study English

Why study English in Orlando? Orlando is the perfect destination for students from around the world who want to study English. The city, famous for its tourist attractions, pleasant weather, and welcoming community, offers a unique linguistic and cultural immersion experience. In this article, we’ll explain why Orlando is the right choice for studying English and how Internexus Orlando, a renowned English school, can help you achieve your language and cultural goals.

Multicultural Environment

Orlando is a cultural melting pot, with people of different backgrounds and cultures living, working, and studying together. This diversity provides students with a valuable opportunity to practice English in everyday situations and make international friends.

Tourist Attractions and Recreational Activities

In addition to learning English, studying in Orlando will allow you to enjoy its many attractions, such as the world-famous Disney and Universal Studios theme parks. These activities not only provide fun and entertainment but also help practice English as you interact with locals and other tourists.


Studying in Orlando will allow you to enjoy its many attractions, such as the world-famous Disney and Universal Studios theme parks

Pleasant Weather

Orlando has a subtropical climate, with mild temperatures year-round. The sun shines almost every day, making the city perfect for outdoor activities and exploring the region’s natural beauty.

Affordable Cost of Living

Compared to other US cities, such as New York and Los Angeles, the cost of living in Orlando is more affordable. This makes the city an economical option for students who want to learn English in the United States.

Internexus Orlando is the Best Choice for Studying English

Now that you understand why Orlando is the ideal place to learn English, it’s essential to choose the right school to meet your needs. Internexus Orlando is a respected institution offering high-quality, personalized English programs for students of all levels.

Internexus Orlando has a team of highly qualified ESL teachers with experience in teaching English as a second language. They are committed to helping students achieve their language goals through innovative and personalized teaching approaches.

Flexible and Customized Programs

The school offers a variety of PROGRAMS AND COURSES, from intensive English to exam preparation courses like TOEFL. Students can choose the program that best suits their needs and goals.

Extracurricular Activities and Student Support

Internexus Orlando understands that learning is not limited to the classroom. The school organizes cultural and recreational activities, allowing students to practice English outside the classroom and learn about American culture. Additionally, the school provides academic support and counseling to students, helping them adapt to life in the United States and overcome any challenges they may face.

Excellent Location and Facilities

Internexus Orlando is located in a safe and convenient area of the city, close to shops, restaurants, and public transportation options. The school’s facilities are modern and well-equipped, ensuring a comfortable and efficient learning environment.

Focus on Student Experience

The school takes pride in providing a comprehensive and enriching learning experience for students. Internexus Orlando strives to create a welcoming environment where students feel supported and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Opportunities for Cultural Immersion and Exchange

Internexus Orlando promotes interaction between international and local students, offering opportunities to participate in conversation clubs and cultural activities. This allows students to enhance their English skills while learning about the local culture and traditions.

Orlando is a fantastic destination for students who want to learn English and experience American culture. The city offers a multicultural environment, incredible attractions, and pleasant weather, as well as being economically accessible. Internexus Orlando complements this experience by providing high-quality English programs, modern facilities, student support, and opportunities for cultural immersion and exchange.

Choosing Internexus Orlando as your English school is a smart decision that will help you achieve your language and cultural goals while enjoying everything Orlando has to offer.


How Much Does It Cost to Study English in Orlando?

How much does it cost to study English in this vibrant and attractive city? Let’s examine the main components that make up the total cost of studying English in Orlando.

Tuition Fees

The cost of an intensive English course varies depending on the duration and intensity. Internexus Orlando offers programs ranging from a few weeks to several months. A one-semester intensive course starts at $350.00 per month, while longer-duration programs may cost more.


Students can choose from various accommodation options, such as homestays, student residences, or apartment rentals. Costs vary depending on the location, type of accommodation, and duration of stay. The average price for a homestay can range from $600 to $1,000 per month, including meals. Meanwhile, a shared apartment can cost between $500 and $1,000 per month, depending on location and amenities.


Food costs vary according to individual choices and lifestyles. On average, a student can spend from $300 to $600 per month on food, including snacks and meals in restaurants.


Orlando has a public transportation system, which includes buses and trains. Students can opt for a monthly pass, which costs around $50. Additionally, many students prefer to rent bicycles or use car-sharing apps to get around the city.

Recreational Activities and Additional Costs

Orlando offers a wide range of recreational activities, such as theme parks, museums, cultural events, and sports events. Costs for these activities vary, but students should set aside an additional budget to take advantage of the opportunities the city offers. Moreover, it’s essential to remember the costs of books and teaching materials, which can range from $100 to $200.

In summary, the total cost of studying English in Orlando can vary significantly depending on individual choices and preferences. It is crucial to research and compare the available options to find the most suitable program and budget for your needs and objectives.

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